RV Life: One Year Anniversary

On May 13, we’ll be commemorating our first year of full-time living in a Class C RV. It’s been a wild ride, and we’d love to take you through a recap of our experiences so far!

Embracing the RV Lifestyle

The idea of living in an RV wasn’t our first plan. We initially dreamed of life on a sailboat, saving up and preparing for this marine adventure. But, there was a hitch – we had no sailing experience. And without experience, getting insurance for our would-be home proved impossible. This led us to reconsider our options, and we found that the RV life, while not our original vision, offered an affordable and exciting alternative.

Our RV, which we’ve come to see as a “land sailboat,” allows us to explore new places and enjoy the freedom of movement, just like a sailboat. If not for the insurance and marina availability hurdles, sailboat living would have been cheaper. However, our RV adventure, despite its costs, has brought us remarkable experiences and unforgettable memories.

Our Home on Wheels

Our 28-foot Fourwinds 28z has been a reliable home throughout this journey. While it can feel a tad compact at times, it’s perfectly functional, providing us with all the necessary living space. Having a bit more room could have enhanced comfort, but we’ve managed just fine.

Living the RV Life

The RV lifestyle has been a dramatic shift from traditional living, but it’s been everything we imagined and more. We’ve embraced minimalism, decluttering our lives, and we enjoy an unparalleled closeness to nature. We cherish our privacy and personal space, often choosing to stay on crown land rather than crowded RV parks. Inside our RV, space is limited, but the great outdoors offers boundless room for enjoyment and exploration.

Unexpected benefits of RV living have also surfaced, such as a more convenient grocery shopping experience. With our fridge and freezer at hand, we no longer worry about the timing of perishable purchases.

Pets on Board

Our Italian greyhound, Todd, has adapted remarkably well to RV life. His past experiences, including a cross-country trip, have prepared him well for this lifestyle shift. If you’re considering an RV life with a pet, we suggest testing out their adaptability with camping trips and assessing their comfort with frequent changes of scenery. Training them to respond reliably to your call is crucial, as it allows them to explore safely off-leash.

Off-Grid Living

As full-time RV dwellers, we’re living off the grid, which means we’re not connected to any conventional utilities. Our RV is equipped with a freshwater tank, a gray water tank for non-toilet waste, and a black tank for toilet waste. To conserve our limited water supply, we’ve adopted water-saving practices, such as turning off the shower head when not in use.

For power, we’ve turned to solar energy, with panels installed on the roof of our RV. We’ve also got a gas-powered generator for back-up. Despite occasional cloudy days or winter’s shorter daylight hours, we’ve managed to have enough power for our needs.

As for internet, we’ve opted for StarLink satellite internet. While it doesn’t match the speed of wired connections, it’s proven sufficient for our needs, allowing us to stay connected wherever we are.

First Homecoming

Returning to Canada has been a delightful journey back to familiarity and comfort. We’ve always loved the diversity of wildlife here, from birds and ducks to squirrels. Todd, our furry companion, was also thrilled to return, excitedly revisiting his favorite spots and reconnecting with his best friend, Charlie. Our RV journey continues to be a captivating adventure, and we look forward to the years to come!

As we celebrate our first anniversary of full-time RV living, we can confidently say it’s been an adventure filled with extraordinary experiences, learning curves, and unexpected joys. We’ve grown closer to nature, simplified our lives, and learned to adapt to new challenges. Although our original dream of sailboat living may have been put on hold, we’ve found a unique and fulfilling lifestyle on the road. As we continue our journey in our mobile home, we look forward to the new memories we’ll create and the endless possibilities ahead of us.

Would you consider living in an RV full-time? How about a sailboat? What would be the most challenging step for you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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